Bogner Ecstasy Mini 30-watt Head


30W, 1-ch Amplifier Head with Variac and Effects Loop


แบรนด์ : Bogner


Bogner’s Revered High-gain Tone in a Flyweight Head
The Ecstasy Mini packs the storied high-octane dirt of the Bogner Ecstasy’s Red channel into a super-portable 30-watt amplifier head. This flyweight 30-watt powerhouse gives you all the sonic-sculpting flexibility you could ask for, with familiar Volume, Presence, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Gain controls, along with a trio of tone-shaping mini toggle switches. Whatever you’re trying to achieve — vintage-style crunch or modern high gain — the Ecstasy Mini has you covered. A built-in Variac and effects loop add even more functionality to this scaled-down fire breather. If you’ve always coveted the Ecstasy’s incendiary high-gain tones, the Bogner Ecstasy Mini nails them to perfection.

One flexible channel with ample tone shaping
You can conjure a myriad of tones from the Ecstasy Mini, spanning vintage-tinged overdrive to blistering high-gain cacophony. This compact amplifier head includes familiar Volume, Presence, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Gain controls for all-inclusive sonic sculpting. A Gain toggle voices the Ecstasy Mini for bluesy crunch or hard-rock drive; a Mid Freq toggle selects one of three different mid frequencies, which you can then fine-tune via the Middle knob. You also get a Pre EQ toggle that primes the amp for mellow, expressive tones or aggressive metal textures. When we test drove the Ecstasy Mini here at Sweetwater, its extended sonic range blew us away — each individual guitarist who demo’d it dialed in a markedly different tone.
Streamlined yet eminently powerful feature set
The Bogner Ecstasy Mini includes the pro-level features you need. It has everything you require to make it the heart of your rig. The organic, British-tinged saturation generated by this guitar amp head infuses every note you play with ear-grabbing textures that demand attention. An onboard Variac permits you to tailor the amp’s headroom and response for old-school “brown sound”–inspired tones, contemporary high-gain precision, and everything in between. To top it off, integrating your pedalboard and outboard effects into the Ecstasy Mini is a breeze, courtesy of its built-in effects loop.

Reinhold Bogner: the man behind the amps
Though Reinhold Bogner began designing and building amplifiers long before leaving Germany for the US in 1989, his career really took off soon after arriving in Los Angeles. He quickly gained the trust of many influential players, including Steve Stevens, Dann Huff, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Landau, and Steve Vai, who sought out his skill at modifying and custom-building their amps. Eddie Van Halen entrusted Reinhold to overhaul and revitalize his number-one Marshall Plexi — with stellar results. Soon after, Bogner Amplification was born. And the rest, they say, is history.

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