Thalia 351 Shape - Heavy 1.0mm Santos Rosewood Picks - 6pc Pack



แบรนด์ : Thalia



Includes (6) 351 Shape 3.0 series picks. Available in 1.0mm or 1.5mm thicknesses.

Introducing our best wood pick yet! Meticulously crafted using Santos Rosewood, these picks are created by slicing micro-thin layers of wood and bonding them together with the woodgrain arranged in a north, south, east, west pattern. The result? A remarkable wood pick that combines flexibility and durability, providing a warm tone that only improves with each use.

Discover our latest series of picks, engineered to deliver unrivaled durability and an enhanced edge. We offer them in the classic thicknesses and shapes that you are familiar with from standard picks available on the market. With our Series 3 Wood Picks, you can rely on consistent performance and a superior playing experience.

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