Aguilar SL 112 Cabinet Cover


Cabinet Cover

แบรนด์ : Aguilar


Got an Aguilar SL 112 bass cabinet? Keep your cab looking like new with the Aguilar SL 112 cabinet cover. Made specifically to fit the SL 112, this attractive cover features a durable Cordura nylon exterior with padding and a plush interior. You've invested in a professional high-performance bass cabinet. Sweetwater recommends protecting your investment against rain, dust, scratches, and minor dings. Safeguard your cabinet and travel like a pro with the Aguilar SL 112 cabinet cover.

Aguilar SL 112 Cabinet Cover Features at a Glance:Made to fit Aguilar's SL 112 bass cabinet
Durable Cordura nylon exterior keeps out rain and dust
Plush interior padding protects against scratches and minor dings
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