Disaster Area Designs - MJ-STT Strymon Tap Tempo Cable



แบรนด์ : Disaster Area Designs


Connects Strymon EXP inputs to standard tap tempo footswitches, latching footswitches, or MultiJack outputs.

Not required for SMARTClock Gen3 or micro.clock, use their built-in pull-up functions and a standard TRS cable instead.

Connect TRS plug to Strymon pedal, mono plug to MultiJack or tap tempo output.

IMPORTANT: Not all Strymon devices support tap tempo. Check your device manual for details on how to configure its EXP port.


- TRS plug with integrated pull-up resistor
- Compatible with Strymon pedals that support tap tempo
- Mono plug features our EVO solderless connector and may be cut to size without re-soldering
- 95% Tinned Copper Braided Shield
- 0.150″ Outer Diameter PVC Jacket
- Hand Soldered
- Limited Lifetime Warranty


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