Disaster Area Designs - MIDI Cable PRO 2 ft



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Made in the USA by Best-Tronics Pro Audio, these cables feature our exclusive metal right-angle plugs with rotating connector sleeves.

The cables ship from Disaster Area with both ends set in the “12 o’clock” orientation but are easy to re-configure for your application.  Simply loosen the screw on the head shell and carefully rotate the connector sleeve and pins to your desired orientation, then tighten the screw.

The PRO MIDI cables are perfect for flat boards such as Creation, Trailer Trash, or LA Sound Design, and also work great on boards with cable access slots such as Pedaltrains.

Need to fit the plugs through the larger slots on Temple Audio boards? Carefully disassemble the head shell and pass the pin sleeve through the hole, then reassemble on the other side.


- All five pins wired through
- Slim plug design, fits into recessed MIDI ports
- Four 24 AWG (42×40) Soft Bare Copper Conductors
- 95% Tinned Copper Braided Shield
- 0.245″ Outer Diameter PVC Jacket
- DN-5501 Right Angle Plugs rotate to 8 different positions
- Hand Soldered in USA
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

2 foot:  Connecting controllers or pedals on different rows of deeper boards such as the Pedaltrain Novo / PT-3 / PT-Pro.

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