Disaster Area Designs - DMC-8 Gen3



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The DMC-8 Gen3 is our largest and most powerful controller but still compact: 10” x 2.6” x 2” (250mm x 66mm x 51mm)
Device Control:  Program select and bypass for up to six (6) devices.
Looper Control: Controls the looper on the Strymon Timeline, Eventide H9 / Timefactor, or Line 6 HX Series/M9/M13.
ACCESS: Sends MIDI notes to control Ableton Live, Playback, Prime.
Preset: Stores programs from Device Control pages and allows the user to change multiple devices at once.
Clock: Access the DMC-8’s built-in MIDI clock and tap tempo interface
Hot Switch: Upper-left switch is user-definable to access tap tempo, favorite preset, hold / freeze, and more.

- Bright blue LED display indicates program number, status, and more
- Preset and Bank naming capability
- One 5-pin MIDI port supports MIDI out using a standard MIDI cable, or MIDI input and output using our MIDI Y-Cable.
- THREE. MultiJack connectors can function as Expression Pedal input, Tap Tempo Output, Function - Switch Output, Footswitch Input, or MIDI Output.
- One Expression connnector can function as Expression Pedal input, Function Switch input, or MIDI output.
- Internal DIP switches to customize MultiJack functions.
- Up to 256 user-accessible presets
- Controls up to six MIDI devices
- Looper control page
- Programmable MIDI clock and tap source to synchronize tempo on multiple pedals
- ACCESS mode to send MIDI notes to live playback applications
- USB MIDI or USB Host connection for advanced control possibilities (requires gHOST Adapter for USB host)
- Runs on standard 9V power, 80mA minimum.


- Size: 10” x 2.6” x 2” (250mm x 66mm x 51mm)
- 5-pin MIDI Port (requires MIDI Y-Cable for MIDI input)
- 3 MultiJacks
- Expression Pedal input
- Optional Side Roller sends Expression data
- USB port (requires gHOST adapter for USB HOST)
- Controls up to six MIDI devices
Power: 9V DC, 100mA or less
- LED display
- Five status LEDs
- Soft-touch footswitches
- Preset, device, looper, clock, setlist, and ACCESS modes
- Hot Switch programmable for tap tempo, favorite preset, hold / freeze, more

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