Disaster Area Designs - DPC-8EZ Gen3



แบรนด์ : Disaster Area Designs


Faster, more powerful 32-bit processor
Improved USB MIDI capabilities
User-definable LED brightness (10 levels)
New MIDI mode controls up to two MIDI devices with program select and tap tempo
Preset mode now controls MIDI and loops
Tuner output jack doubles as a MultiJack
MultiJack functions as MIDI input & output OR double MIDI output
MultiJack is directly compatible with Chase Bliss, Empress, or Meris pedals


-Compact size – 10" x 2.6" x 2" excluding switch caps and jacks.
- No special power supply required – uses less than 120mA, 9V from a Pedal Power 2 or similar.
- 5 footswitches for preset selection or manual effects loop control.
- 48 presets accessible by foot, arranged in four folders with three banks of four presets each.
- 128 presets accessible using an external MIDI controller
- Full MIDI control of presets and effects loops
- 8 effects loops with a custom-designed switching matrix
- MIDI mode controls up to two MIDI devices
- Dedicated insert connection may be assigned to any position in the effects loop section.
- Always-on tuner out with tuner mute, doubles as second MIDI interface
- Status LEDs with user-definable brightness work in any situation from an orchestra pit to full sun.
- Exclusive Z-MODE buffer allows you to tailor the impedance to work with fuzz, vibe, wah, and other impedance-sensitive pedals
- USB connector for MIDI connection and future firmware upgrades (PC and Mac firmware update tools available.)


- Size: 10” x 2.6” x 2” (250mm x 66mm x 51mm)
- 5-pin MIDI input and output ports
- MultiJack selectable between Tuner and MIDI ports
- USB port for firmware update or USB-MIDI
- Controls up to two MIDI devices
- Z-mode buffer for adjustable input impedance
- Power: 9V DC, 100mA or less
- 9 status LEDs
- 8 bypass loops
- User-selectable Insert Loop for 4-cable method or volume pedal
- Soft-touch footswitches
- Preset, loop, and MIDI modes

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