Catalinbread CB Tap (External Tap For Belle Epoch Deluxe)




แบรนด์ : Catalinbread


The CB Tap is our external tap tempo mechanism that was built to connect to our Belle Epoch Deluxe. The CB Tap not only adds tap functionality to the Belle Epoch Deluxe, but also connects to anything with a tap-tempo out (excluding Boss pedals and other non normally-open taps).

The CB Tap comes with a Catalinbread-branded six-inch 1/4” TRS patch cable to connect it to whichever pedal you decide to use.

To use the CB Tap with the Belle Epoch Deluxe: Plug one end of the 1/4” TRS cable into the expression output of the Deluxe and the other end into the “DLX” input of the CB Tap, then start tapping and the LED indicator will follow along.

To use the CB Tap with another pedal (even simultaneously as the Deluxe): Plug one end of the 1/4” TRS cable into any non-Boss pedal’s tap out and plug the other end into the “Tap” input of the CB Tap, then start tapping. The LED indicator will not light up when using non-Deluxe pedals.

The CB Tap will set a delay time which can then be multiplied into uniform subdivisions by adjusting the "Echo Delay" knob. 

One caveat to note is that the CB Tap will not tap anything outside of the Belle Epoch Deluxe’s delay range. For example, it will not tap slower than 800ms. This caveat only applies when tapping the Belle Epoch Deluxe. 

Tech Specs
Pedal Type  :External Tap Tempo
Tap Tempo : Yes
Other I/O : 1 x 1/4" TRS (tap tempo), 1 x 1/4" TRS (epoch deluxe tap tempo)
Power Source : Passive
Height : 2.25"
Width : 1.38"
Depth : 3.75"
Weight : 0.3 lbs.
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