Temple Audio Hi5 MOD High Current Isolated Power Module



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Hi5 MOD - High Current Isolated Power Module
Super Powered
Partnering with CIOKS, the Hi5 MOD will power-up your Templeboard. Provide power for up to five pedals or link multiple units for all the power you could ever need.

Clean Power
Five incredibly clean high-current isolated channels (660ma per channel)

Capable of powering any commercially available DC pedal. 8 flex cables included.

Compact Lightweight Design
Weighs only 5.6oz and mounts perfectly to the Modular Endpanel of your Templeboard.

Easy Install
All Temple MODs install easily with two screws.

4 Voltage Options
Change the voltage for any of the five outputs. DIP switch configurable.

More Power
The 24V DC link outlet allows you to connect multiple Hi5 MODs together and gain more isolated outputs.

Inputs: 24V DC (in/out)
Outputs: 9V DC 660mA, 12V DC 500mA, 15V DC 400mA, 18V DC 330mA
Maximum Output Current: AC adapter dependent
Connectivity: RCA
Dimensions: 3.78" x 2.35" x 1.08"
Weight: 0.35 lbs.
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