Temple Audio Hi5 MOD High Current Isolated Power Module With AC Adaptor



แบรนด์ : Temple Audio


Temple Audio Hi5 MOD Features:
Packs a ton of juice into a compact Templeboard mini module
5 high-current (660mA), isolated outlets
Each outlet is configurable to 9V at 660mA, 12V at 500mA , 15V at 400mA, or 18V at 330 mA
Boasts enough current to power nearly any commercially available DC pedal
Mounts into the modular end panel of your Templeboard to preserve pedalboard real-estate
One of the cleanest power supplies on the market
24-volt DC auxiliary outlet for linking with additional power supplies
Includes 8 Flex cables for connecting your pedals
Tech Specs
Type:Pedalboard Power Supply Module
Inputs:24V DC (in/out)
Outputs:9V DC 660mA, 12V DC 500mA, 15V DC 400mA, 18V DC 330mA
Maximum Output Current:AC adapter dependent
Weight:0.35 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number:MOD-Hi5
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