Walrus Audio Eras Five-State Distortion


Five-State Distortion


แบรนด์ : Walrus Audio


Guitarists at Sweetwater can't wait to introduce you to Walrus Audio's brand-new Eras pedal, a 5-state distortion stompbox that delivers some of the smoothest analog distortion tones we've heard. Weave together the perfect combination of silicon and LED hard clipping throughout its five distortion modes to maximize a sound that caters to every need of your guitar and amp. You can also utilize the Eras as a blend module across your pedalboard to discover an endless amount of distorted possibilities. And your tone-shaping process is made much easier through the Eras' 2-band EQ, with alternate knobs for blend and gain control so you can sharpen every edge and deepen any punch to taste. Whether you're a bassist looking to blend your dry signal with some grit, or a guitarist clamoring for more out of your distortion tone, let the Walrus Audio Eras be your guiding light.

Pedal Type : Distortion
Analog/Digital : Analog
Inputs : 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
Outputs : 1 x 1/4"
True Bypass : Yes
EQ : Bass, Treble
Controls : Distortion Mode, Blend
Power Source : 9V DC 100mA power supply (sold separately)
Power Usage : Up to 20mA
Height : 2.3"
Width : 2.9"
Depth : 4.77"
Weight : 0.76 lbs.
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