Analysis Plus Blue Suede Oval Instrument Cable Straight to 90, 10 ft




แบรนด์ : Analysis Plus


The Blue Suede Oval Instrument Cable is like the Yellow Oval instrument cable with stacked hollow oval conductors surrounded by an oval shield but more flexible. To keep the vintage look, the standard connectors are Switchcraft TS mono plugs. The Switchcraft 90 connector will fit vintage guitars that the OVERMOLD on the Yellow Oval will not fit. Available with (ST to ST), (ST to 90) or (90 to 90) connector orientations. It is a balanced cable design for lower common mode noise even when used with a mono plug TS.

It’s ROHS compliant, completely green cable that sounds as good as it feels. This cable has 20 gauge Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors. You will love the flexibility and look of this cable. The cable is made in the USA, the packaging is designed and made in the USA, the catalog and all paper are printed in the USA.

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