RightOn! Straps Crochet White Guitar Strap




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Width: 2 '' - 5 cm
Color: Blue, White
Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
Material: Textile
Minimum Size: 35,43 in - 90 cm
Adjustable to: 59 in - 150 cm
Padding: Padding 2,5 mm
Discover the authenticity of our vegan strap, crafted with love and attention to detail. This 5 cm wide guitar and bass strap offers both comfort and style in many colors. The padding ensures comfort, while the adjustable length through the sliding triglide buckle allows you to customize it to your liking. Inspired by hippie craftsmanship, the crochet-woven surface invokes nostalgia from grandma's times, seamlessly blending vintage charm with a contemporary look.

We fell in love with this material, and there was no doubt that we had to create something with it. From the very beginning, we knew it had to be called "Crochet," drawing inspiration from the music and aesthetics of iconic figures like Janis, Hendrix, Creedence, and Santana.

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