RightOn! Straps CAT Black Guitar Strap




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Width: 2 3/8 '' - 6 cm
Color: White
Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
Material: Vegan Leather
Minimum Size: 39,37 in - 100 cm
Adjustable to: 57,08 in - 145 cm
Padding: Padding 5 mm
Equipped with the innovative RAS (RightOn! Adjustment System), this strap offers precise customization on the large adjustment to suit the preferences of any guitarist. The visible surface of the strap features cat paw prints, adding a unique and stylish touch that blends a passion for music with feline aesthetics, making the CAT the perfect choice for those seeking a distinctive and ethically conscious accessory.
This strap is made of high-tech synthetic materials. The materials have been tested, so we can ensure the durability of them. As in all the MOJO Collection, this strap is made without any cruelty to animals, they are vegan straps.  It also has a non-slip microfibre lining, which prevents sweat absorption and dries quickly.

This strap is padded with 5 mm latex, which makes it very comfortable and lightweight. In the front end tab, has two small pockets for the picks, and in the back end tab has two "Fast pick dispenser". You'll never lose your picks,or throw them to your audience !  All the RightOn! Straps are designed and manufactured in Spain.

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