Two Rock Silver Sterling Signature 150 watt Head D-Style Grey Suede


Silver Sterling Signature 150 watt Head D-Style Grey Suede


แบรนด์ : Two-Rock


The Silver Sterling Signature is a continuation of our pursuit for iconic guitar tones. Built on our newly designed silver anodized chassis, this “SSS” amp produces massive guitar tone that has to be heard and felt to be believed, and immediately proves why Two-Rock is known for creating and building products for both the serious artist and casual players alike.

After nearly a decade of R&D since the original Sterling was released, and a lifetime of listening to the iconic guitar tones this coveted amplifier has produced, Two-Rock has revisited and greatly enhanced this classic circuit. The 100 watt version is switchable to 50 watts, while the 6550 powered 150 watt version is switchable to 75 watts, and thanks to our proprietary output transformer design, there is zero performance loss when power scaling. There’s no doubt that this amp loves to be pushed to the limit, and the tone stack along with the high and low cut filter switches allow the player plenty of flexibility to create their ideal tone. There’s also a lush, tube driven reverb and a 6th 12AX7 cathode follower tube which extends the punch of the amp, adds an immediacy to the feel, and creates more headroom and clarity.

From lush cleans to Texas blues, this amp will give you the classic sounds that you’ve been searching for. Offered in standard black tolex or a clean, grey suede with silver-skirted knobs, the Silver Sterling Signature will provide you with amazing tone and classy looks as well!

Two-Rock Silver Sterling Head 150 Watts Features:

  • 150 watt 4 x 6550 switchable to 75 watts
  • Foot switchable FET and tone stack BYPASS control
  • TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS tone stack controls
  • 7 position HIGH and LOW filter switches
  • Reverb SEND and RETURN controls
  • Presence control
  • Passive effects loop
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