Ampeg 50 Anniv SVT 220-240V


Heritage 50


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The Ampeg® SVT® is more than just a bass ampit sparked a revolution. When it debuted in 1969, deafening walls of full-stack guitar amps were eating bass players alive. Knowing that big bass volume required big power, Ampeg designed the most sophisticated amp of its day: the 300-watt SVT. Finally, balance returned to the stage and with it a generation of iconic bass-forward music was born. That singular Ampeg spirt of innovation and ingenuity is alive and well in the Ampeg HeritageTM 50th Anniversary SVT bass amp. Designed to honor the unrivaled SVT legacy, the Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT distills the legendary amps most celebrated circuits into a single stage-ready head with a host of must-have modern technology and elegant vintage aesthetics. It truly is the SVT for the 21st century.

  • The 1969 Blue Line and mid-1970s Magnavox-era circuits in one amp
  • Handmade in the U.S.A. from durable top-shelf components
  • Detailed, period-correct graphics and fonts
  • Modern features include a newly enhanced XLR DI output, user biasing, speakOn® outputs, and spring-loaded side handles
  • Specially sourced and matched Ampeg Super ValveTM 6550 tubes
  • Not a reissuethe ultimate SVT for today


The Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT offers two discrete preamp channels that duplicate the revered tone from the amps most desirable eras: the original 1969 Blue Line SVT and the mid-70s Magnavox design. Even better: players can jump the two channels together for an even more aggressive all-new sound. To make sure the new SVT delivers all this titanic tone reliably, Ampeg supplies a sextet of specially sourced and matched Ampeg Super Valve 6550 tubes.


While Bill Hughes and Roger Cox got so much right with the original 1969 Super Valve Technology (SVT) amp, contemporary players expect their amps to offer features that hadnt been invented back then. Thats why the Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT offers a suite of functional enhancements like a newly enhanced balanced XLR DI output, simple user-biasing, a whisper-quiet fan to promote tube life, and a robust Neutrik speakOn jack for connection to any modern speaker cabinet. Perhaps most important to Ampeg customers, the Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT is handmade in the U.S.A. from durable top-shelf componentsits as American as Rock & Roll.


Few amps look the part like an original Blue Line SVT, with its engraved blue text and lines that surround the tone controls and input jacks. Ampeg went to great lengths to ensure the Heritage 50th Anniversary head had that instant-vintage wow-factor. Collectors and players alike will love the etched Blue Line graphics and text with pitch-perfect period detail and spot-on spring-loaded side handles.


Preamp Tubes: 5 x 12AX7
Driver Tubes: 1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7
Power Amp Tubes: Ampeg Super Valve (6 x 6550)
Output Power Rating: 300W RMS minimum continuous @ <5% THD into @ 2 or 4
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (20 Hz 20 kHz) 75 75 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Maximum Gain: 78 dB @ 1 kHz 3 dB @ 20 Hz & 15 kHz
Tone Controls
Channel One: Voiced after original 1969 "Blue Line" SVT (jumpable)
Channel Two: Voiced after mid 70's Magnavox era SVT (jumpable)
Bass: +12/-12 dB @ 40 Hz
Midrange: +10/-20 dB @ 220 Hz, 450 Hz, 800 Hz, 1.6 kHz, or 3 kHz
Treble: +15/20 dB @ 4 kHz
Ultra Lo: +2 dB @ 40 Hz, -10 dB @ 500 Hz
Ultra Hi: +9 dB @ 8 kHz

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