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Python guitar strap
John Lennon's Vox Python guitar strap is an iconic accessory in the history of music. Designed in 1964 by Dick Denney and Tom Jennings of VOX, the python-skin strap with metal scales became Lennon's choice to accompany his 12-string Rickenbacker 325 guitar.

The Vox Python guitar strap was created at Lennon's request, who wanted a unique and eye-catching strap to complement his style. With its python skin design and scales, the strap was a huge success.

Two versions of the strap were made, one in black with chrome metal parts and the other in brown with gold scales. Lennon chose the black and chrome version and used it for a while, although as Dick Denney admitted, the strap was a bit heavy. If you want to learn a little more about the history of this iconic guitar strap, follow along in the VOX Python strap article on the Blog.

The Vox Python strap became a symbol of the golden age of rock and roll and remains popular among guitarists of all levels and genres. Its unique design and connection with John Lennon and the Beatles have made it a highly valued object among collectors.

Although the Vox Python strap was designed over 50 years ago, it remains an essential fashion item for many musicians. It is an example of how an accessory can have a lasting impact on popular culture.

If you are looking for a unique and quality guitar strap, RightOn!'s Vox Python strap is an excellent choice. Not only is it a functional strap, but it is also a piece of music history. Get yours and follow in the footsteps of John Lennon! And it won't be a burden on your shoulder when you play. By the way, if the Lennon strap you liked was the one from the performance on the Apple Studios terrace, the Casino guitar strap is yours.


  • Width: 2,3 '' - 6 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: No leather
  • Minimum Size: 40,55 '' - 103 cm
  • Adjustable to: 53,14 '' - 135 cm


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