MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 , Trans Black Burst w/Indian Laurel F




แบรนด์ : MTD


The MTD Kingston Saratoga bass is a modern re-imagining of a classic J Jazz style bass, at a budget-friendly price and is one of our most popular models. The sound of the J bass has been pivotal in the development of many musical genres. The MTD Kingston Saratoga retains that great sound but packages it in a wonderfully designed instrument.

It is Michael Tobias’ innovations like the asymmetrical neck, balanced body, Quick-Release bridge and lighter weight which sets the Saratoga apart from the crowd. You will love the high output hum cancelling passive pickups and passive electronics. It has a bright sound like the original J bass and is rich in the midrange as well as the treble and sounds great for funk, reggae, blues, rock, heavy metal, country, and of course, jazz!

The Kingston Saratoga offers both beginning and touring bassists a bass with great classic tone at a great price. It is a workhorse on stage and in the studio and has the beautiful lines that will fit in with any gig.

  • Finish Details:Original
  • Body Material:Basswood
  • Neck Material:Maple
  • Fingerboard Material:indian laurel
  • Neck Profile:Medium D
  • Neck Thickness (IN):1st – 0.80″ 12th – 0.91″
  • Fingerboard Radius:16.00″
  • Nut Width:1-3/4″
  • Scale Length:34″
  • Neck Details:Satin maple neck with unbound maple fingerboard
  • Electronics:Original active single-coil pickups and preamp. Controls include an active/passiveswitch, stacked volume/tone pot, pickup blend pot, and 3-band eq.
  • Pickup Measurements:Reading not available due to active electronics
  • Hardware:All original
  • Weight:9lbs
  • Modifications/Repairs:None
  • Case Details:None

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