MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 , Trans Black Burst w/Maple FB




แบรนด์ : MTD


The Kingston Saratoga Deluxe picks up where the old-school Saratoga left off, with active electronics, a flamed maple top, and overall (gig-friendly) versatility.

In true MTD style, it maintains favored ergonomics (asymmetrical neck), the Quick Release Bridge, the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, and an Active/Passive switch.

The Active/Passive switch couples the great sounding passive hum-cancelling J pickups directly to the output and engages the passive tone control in tandem, with the volume pot. When in the active mode, the 3-band preamp takes over, with Bass, Mid, and Treble controls, offering cut/boost at just the right frequencies.

  • Model:Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 with Maple Fretboard
  • Finish:678
  • Categories:5-String or More Active Electronics
  • Right / Left Handed:Right Handed
  • Fretboard Material:Maple
  • Body Material:Basswood
  • Neck Material:Maple
  • Finish Style:Gloss
  • Color Family:Sunburst Grey
  • Number of Strings:5-String
  • Pickup System:Active
  • Pickup Configuration:SS
  • Top Material:Maple
  • Body Shape:Double Cutaway
  • Finish Features:Matching Headstock
  • Wood Top Style:Flamed
  • Number of Frets:24
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