Peterson StroboStomp Mini



แบรนด์ : Peterson


The StroboStomp Mini™ delivers the unmatched 0.1 cent tuning accuracy of all authentic Peterson Strobe Tuners in a mini pedal tuner format. We designed StroboStomp Mini around the most requested features from our customers: a mini form factor, and top mounted jacks.


Power Supply: 9VDC Negative Center Pin / USB-C Bus
DI: No
Peterson Connect Compatible: Yes
Note Range: C0 - A#8
Note Selection: Automatic
Firmware Updateable: Yes
Guided Tunings: Yes
Multi-Color Display: Yes
Buffered Mode: Yes
True Bypass: Yes
Form Factor: Pedal / Floor
Accuracy: 0.1 Cents
Display Type: LCD w/ LED Backlight
Display Resolution: 224 Strobe Segments
Construction: Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions LxWxH: 94mm x 46mm x 33.5mm ( without switch )
Product Weight: .0.56lb (8.9oz)
USB Port: Yes
USB Type: Type C
Rechargeable: No
Battery Type: None
Power: 9VDC 85mA (Nominal)
Power Out: None
Built-In Microphone: No
Built-In Speaker: No
Headphone Jack: No
Inputs: 1/4" Mono
Outputs: 1/4" Mono
Mute-able Output: Yes
Concert A Range: 390Hz to 490Hz
Transposition Range: -6 to +5
Frequency Response Range: 16.35Hz to 7302Hz
Warranty: 2 Years
Sweetened Tunings: Over 80
User Presets: Unlimited

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