J.Rockett Pedals Uni-Verb


UV 9520-052


แบรนด์ : J.Rockett


The J. Rockett Uni-Verb is the company's take on the classic vibe-style chorus/vibrato effect from the 1960s. But that's not all — you also get a spring reverb tank for adding boing-y goodness to this stompbox's swirling, Doppler-like ear candy. A built-in loop enables you to place the Uni-Verb's chorus/vibrato and reverb effects before and after your overdrives, respectively. You can also use the two effects individually or simultaneously, plus you get a generous complement of top-panel controls for dialing in your sound. This effects pedal is much more than a vintage re-creation, as it supplies you with a greater sonic range than its predecessor. And just like the original box, the Uni-Verb runs at 24V. That said, it's designed to work with modern 9V power supplies. If you want to cop the throbbing, hypnotic vibra-chorus-style effects of yesteryear, the J. Rockett Uni-Verb not only nails them, it takes them to new worlds entirely.

Modern take on the definitive vibe-style chorus/vibrato effect from the 1960s
Delivers the full gamut of the original stompbox's chorus and vibrato effects
Adds a vintage spring reverb tank for extra vintage mojo and dimension
Built-in loop places the Univerb's chorus/vibrato and reverb effects before and after overdrives, respectively
Chorus and vibrato effects operate both individually or in combination
Separate Chorus Mix and Intensity controls provide complete control over the chorus effect
Output control offers more volume than a '60s-era unit
Supplies slower and faster sweep times than a vintage stompbox
Runs at 24V like the original, but is designed to work with modern 9V power supplies

Tech Specs
Pedal Type:Vibrato/Chorus
Effects:Spring Reverb
Inputs:1 x 1/4"
Outputs:1 x 1/4"
Other I/O:2 x 1/4" (send/return)
Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Weight:2 lbs.
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