Dr.Z 1x12 Cab Grill Frame Blackout




แบรนด์ : Dr.Z


A perfect fit under or next to our 1×12 or 2×10 combos and an excellent match for any of our heads. The Dr Z 1×12 cab is like getting 2 speaker cabs for the price of one. We offer a removable rear panel which enables closed back or open back operation. The 1×12 utilizes a classic floating baffle design.

Think all cabs are built the same? Read on…

“Just a word of sincere thanks and praise. Two months ago I went to Lark Guitars in San Antonio seeking a 1×12 cabinet. I tried virtually all of their outstanding 1×12 cabs, including Friedman, 3rd Power, Matchless, Bad Cat, Morgan, Jackson, and others. I walked out with a Dr. Z 1×12 with Celestion G12M 65 Creamback. It was the most articulate and crisp sounding cabinet of all. This cab is simply outstanding. It is by far the best 1×12 I’ve ever played. It brings out the best in virtually all of my amps: my old Carmen Ghia, my JTM45RI, my 1969 Marshall 50 watt, and my 1973 Marshall 20 watt. This is simply a splendid sounding cabinet. My other cabinets include a Marshall 2061X 2×12 with G12H speakers and a 20 year old Mesa 4×10 with Alnico Jensens. To my ears, the Z 1×12 sounds better than either of these cabs. Well done.”
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