Swart Atomic Boost




แบรนด์ : Swart


Since all the OC44 have dried up, nearly impossible to get, we now employ the NOS Mullard CV7003 Transistor, a TIGHTER SPEC glass envelope OC44 made for Military applications.

The key device to retaining this tone with boost is still here, just at a tighter tolerance.

So note that PRE-2015 Atomic Boosts come with the OC44 and post 2015 with the OC44 Military version CV-7003.

Which sounds better? We actually might give the slight win to the CV-7003 if only for the more quiet aspect. Both are excellent.

Because it's one of the super sensitive hand-picked Germanium transistors, you will have more potential noise from the line. We really prefer the 9v battery, accessible by unscrewing the bottom.

But it CAN be run by a 9V power supply done one of two ways. FIrst, with an adapter that plugs into the battery clip OR with our optional 9V mod that's outlined below.

Of note, the Atomic Boost (and Fuzzy Boost) are BOTH POSITIVE GROUND units. See the info below about this important distinction before connecting to power supplies.
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