Breedlove Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE African Mahogany-African Mahogany




แบรนด์ : Breedlove


What makes all mahogany guitars so special? Simple—the sound. Built with all-solid African mahogany—from neck to top to back and sides—the Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE is all about tone, specifically the warm, dry, fundamental timbre of a classic mahogany instrument. That means the true note rings out, with fewer shadings and overtones, making for a clear, defined voice, one often favored by folk, country, and blues players. A simple suede finish protects the Wildwood Pro Concert Suede CE, but is thin enough to let it sing. The Breedlove Concert body has stood as an industry standard for 30 years, and it loves a mahogany top as much as you will. With stage-ready Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics and a gig bag, this guitar will take you as far as your talent and hustle can go.


  • Body Type : Concert
  • Neck Wood : African Mahogany
  • Solid Wood Top : African Mahogany
  • Solid Wood Back & Sides : African Mahogany
  • Top Finish : Suede burst gloss
  • Back & Side Finish : Suede stain gloss
  • Fretboard : Ovangkol (stain black)
  • Frets : 20
  • Nut Width : 1.69"
  • Tuners Hardware : Premium Breedlove Chrome w/ Black buttons
  • Lower Bout Width : 15.37"
  • Waist Width : 9"
  • Upper Bout Width : 11.28"
  • Body Length : 19.874"
  • Body Depth : 3.58" (Neck) 4.2" (Tailblock)
  • String Gauge : D'Addario XT PB Light
  • Pickup : Fishman Flex Plus-T
  • Bridge : Ovangkol (stain black)
  • Binding : Black
  • Inlay : 3mm Aluminum Dots Offset
  • Case : Standard Gigbag
  • Scale Length : 25.3”
  • Sound Hole : 3.94”
  • Crafted In : Designed in Bend, OR USA. Crafted in China.

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