Breedlove Solo Pro Concerto Edgeburst Bass CE Red Cedar-African Mahogany




แบรนด์ : Breedlove


If basses are the stepchildren of the instrument family, acoustic basses are third cousins, twice removed. Most people just don’t think about them, ever, except when Grandma convenes the family every five years for a reunion, whereupon you run into them at the bar and think, “Oh yeah, I forgot that cousin even existed.” At Breedlove, we’re all about embracing extended family, and while we might not have a lot of acoustic bass models, the ones we make are spectacular. Case in point, the Solo Pro Edgeburst Bass, an all-solid wood body, professional grade acoustic bass, more than capable of laying the foundation for any band. A red cedar top sweetens and warms the robust, rich tones emanating from African mahogany back and sides.

While bass players set the cadence for the entire band, it can be hard for them to hear themselves when playing in a group. The side monitor soundhole solves this challenge. With a 34-inch scale length and Concerto body shape, the Solo Pro delivers bold sound that translates through the reliable Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics when plugged in. The cutaway body gives full access to the entire ovangkol fretboard, just in case the band lets you solo for a couple bars.


  • Body Type : Concerto
  • Neck Wood : African Mahogany
  • Solid Wood Top : Western Red cedar
  • Solid Wood Back & Sides : African Mahogany
  • Top Finish : Edgeburst Gloss
  • Back & Side Finish : Stained gloss
  • Fretboard : Ovangkol (stain black)
  • Frets : 23
  • Nut Width : 1.69"
  • Tuners Hardware : Gold Closed Gear
  • Lower Bout Width : 17"
  • Waist Width : 9.5"
  • Upper Bout Width : 11.75"
  • Body Length : 20.937"
  • Body Depth : 3.93" (neck), 4.92"(tail)
  • String Gauge : D'Addario EXP PBB170
  • Pickup : Fishman Flex Plus-T
  • Bridge : Ovangkol (stain black)
  • Binding : Black
  • Inlay : 3mm Brass Dots Offset
  • Case : Hardshell
  • Scale Length : 34"
  • Sound Hole : 3.74"
  • Crafted In : Designed in Bend, OR USA. Crafted in China.

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