Aguilar SL 210 Bass Cabinet Black


Bass Cabinet


แบรนด์ : Aguilar


Powerful neodymium speaker magnets and a tuned plywood housing are responsible for the Aguilar SL 210’s rich, full sound and light weight — only 35 pounds. This revolutionary 400-watt bass cabinet is designed to fill small-to-midsized venues with tight, punchy low end, outstanding midrange articulation, and sparkling treble thanks to a duo of custom LF drivers plus a phenolic tweeter. And the SL 210 presents no risk to your back thanks to its trim dimensions and weight. Recessed molded handles provide ease of transportation from the practice space to the van to the stage, and rubber feet provide a stable foundation stacking cabs and amp heads. The SL 210 is equipped with speakON and 1/4" inputs for versatile I/O. If you’re looking for the “Aguilar Sound” in a compact, lightweight 2 x 10" speaker cabinet, you’ve found it. Legions of bassists at Sweetwater swear by Aguilar SL Series cabs. Play through the SL 210, and you too will be a believer.

Tech Specs
Type:Bass Cabinet
Configuration:2 x 10"
Speakers:10" Neodymium
Horn:Yes, Variable
Power Handling:400W RMS
Impedance:8 ohms
Frequency Response:44Hz-16kHz
Inputs:2 x Neutrik SpeakON
Cabinet Type:Rear Ported
Open/Closed Back:Closed
Construction Materials:12mm Plywood with Black Tolex
Weight:35 lbs.

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