Rattlesnake Cable Pedal Labels


Pedal Labels


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Rattlesnake Pedal Labels are printed on vinyl  so they are water proof and much more resistant to tearing than paper labels and masking tape. These labels are also reusable. Pull it off and apply it again on another pedal, etc. Each Pedal Label Pack includes 4 sheets of 34 labels - 136 in total. 

3 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 3 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
4 Knob Group - these are ideal for pedals that have 4 knobs - similar to Boss pedals, etc.
Single Knob Label - Can be used for any situation where a knob is used. Could be paired or stacked on other labels!
Single Knob / Dual Settings - These are great with knobs that are stacked or paired. For example Boss CE-5 has a 'filter' knob with dual pots stacked.
Colour Dots Labels - great to identify toggle switch placement (up / down / middle) or to use to mark placement on sliders (ie: EQ pecals)
Triangle Pointer Labels - Similar to Coluor Dots, but as a triangle and only white. Great to point on knob placement or slider position.
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