Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine 2x12 Cabinet




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Magnatone Amps Super Fifty-Nine 2x12 cab

Master Collection 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Convertible Open / Closed Back design!

Matches the Super 59 head

Lights up! Cover included!

The Super 59 is a killer tube guitar amplifier! This is a killer 2x12 speaker cab to match!

The Super 59 Head from Magnatone Amps is a 45 watt, EL-34 powered tube guitar amplifier. Plenty of muscle and headroom, along with trademark Magnatone Vibrato and Tremolo make it one mean beast! This is the matching 2x12 guitar speaker cabinet for that head. It comes with a special cable that allows the logo on the cab to light up along with the logo on the head. It's also a convertible design, so it comes with a removable back panel allowing for open or closed back operation. Open Back speaker cabinets tend to spread the sound around the room while closed back cabinets have a more directional sound with a tighter, more focused bass response. The Magnatone Master Collection 2x12 guitar speaker cabinet gives you the best of both worlds.

Master Collection 2x12 guitar speaker cabinet for theSuper 59 head from Magnatone Amps

  • 2x 12" WGS Speakers
  • 16 Ohms
  • Convertible Back Panel
  • Closed Back
  • Open Back
  • Great Tone!
  • Lights Up!
  • High Quality Cover included!
  • Made in the USA!

* Head and Cabinet sold separately. 

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