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The paisley is always booming, so we have decided to include it in our straps. The Paisley is an elegant strap, with dark tones that soothe this beautiful and original print. It is an amazing print, and we're sure if you choose the Paisley strap, you will love it. The surface of the Paisley strap is made of fabric, and the end tabs are synthetic. This strap is made without any cruelty to animals

The Paisley is made of synthetic materials and high-tech fabrics, with respect to the environment. The materials have been tested, so we can ensure the durability of them. It also has a microfiber lining that doesn't slip and swet-wicking. This strap is padded with 5 mm latex, which makes it very comfortable and lightweight. In the front end tab, it has two small pockets for the picks, and in the back end tab it has two "Fast pick dispenser". You'll never lose your picks, or throw them to your audience!.    

All the RightOn! Straps are designed and manufactured in Spain. Subscribe to our channel, and enjoy RightOn! Tricks and features!

Subscribe to our channel, and enjoy RightOn! Tricks and features!

  • Width: 3,15 ''
  • Color: Blue, White, Black
  • Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
  • Minimum Size: 38,58 ''
  • Adjustable to: 60,23 ''
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