Righton Straps Steady Groove B-RACE RED




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The Race strap has a classic design that reminds us of the old racing cars, and the vintage colors, vintage guitars, speed, checkered flags, straight lines. Simple, smart and vegan strap. 

This strap is a vegan strap and is made without using any cruelty to animals. It also has a microfiber lining that doesn't slip or stick. This strap is padded with 5 mm latex, which makes it very comfortable and lightweight.

The  Race series is inspired by classic racing designs that emphasize bold colors and clean lines. Constructed completely by hand, each Race strap is made from durable and comfortable materials and comes in a classic, eye-catching color. Additionally, this Race strap, is also completely vegan!

  • Width: 3,15 ''
  • Color: White, Red
  • Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
  • Material: No leather
  • Minimum Size: 38,58 ''
  • Adjustable to: 60,23 ''
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