Iconic Guitars Solana VM Mary Kaye


VMS-HR SN: 0421


แบรนด์ : Iconic


Want a guitar with an unmistakably vintage aesthetic but also the ease of playabilty that more modern guitars offer? Our Vintage Modern S is just what you need! We start with the same select Alder or Swamp Ash body found in our vintage S model line with a light Nitrocellulose Lacquer or Polyurathane finish over your choice of traditional or modern color options!


  • MODEL: Vintage Modern S
  • BODY TYPE: Solid
  • BODY WOOD: Swamp Ash
  • FINISH COLOR: Mary Kaye
  • AGING: Medium Light Aged w checking
  • BACK FINISH: Mary Kaye
  • NECK WOOD: 5A Roasted Maple
  • FINGERBOARD: 5A Roasted Maple
  • NECK CARVE: Medium C
  • NECK RADIUS: Compound 10" to 14"
  • FRETS: Stainless Frets
  • NUT WIDTH: Bone
  • NECK FINISH: Satin
  • INLAYS: Dots
  • NECK PICKUP: Iconic Revolution S
  • MIDDLE PICKUP: Iconic Revolution M
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: Iconic Revolution HB Nickel Cover
  • HARDWARE: Chrome
  • BRIDGE: Gotoh 510T FE1
  • TUNERS: Iconic Locking
  • CONTROLS: Volume, Tone, 5-Way / Push Pull Wiring
  • CASE: G&G Hardshell

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