Daredevil Bootleg Dirty Delay V2




แบรนด์ : Dare Devil



Daredevil Bootleg Dirty Delay V2

The Bootleg is a digital delay that utilizes the Princeton 2399 IC processor. This was designed to give classic tones that sound similar to vintage tape machines, increasingly more lo-fi and dirty when driven at intense or longer settings.

What sets these apart from the rest of the delay pedals on the market is the Dirt section of the circuit. You can dial in the amount of gain added to the repeats. When at minimal control setting, the gain is completely removed from the delay path.

This 2nd Version of the Bootleg is without the tap tempo feature, the original Red V1 has the external input and digital tap capabilities.

Delay TIme at minimum setting is around 40ms.... max setting is roughly 400 ms.

The tone of the decay will become brighter as it tails off...the opposite of most "tape style" delay units.

  • These are all hand wired and true bypass.
  • Runs only on an external 9V, DC current power source
  • 2.1mm center pin power supply, negative ground. Current draw is ~25 mA
Bonus tip... to enable trails to continue while signal is bypassed, place your tuner in front of the Bootleg so you can mute your instrument while the Delay keeps doing its thing. Hitting pedal bypass will cut off delay effect just like the old analog pedals.
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