Richter Raw II Contour Western Rose Brown Guitar Strap




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Richter Raw II Contour Western Rose Brown Guitar Strap

Genuine buffalo leather.
The highest quality oil tanned buffalo leather on the market. This guitar strap is virtually water and element resistant. After a short time of break-in period the leather is smooth, supple and flexible and holds its shape very well. The blend of waxes used for this leather gives it a glossy, smooth finish and a beautiful 'pull-up' effect.

Robust saddle thread gives the strap a striking contour.

Smoothed, polished and lint-free leather surface at the inside. Perfect grip. The strap is not too slippery, not too sticky.

  • Width: 2.36 inches (6 cm)
  • Length adjustable: 39.4 - 57.9 inches (100 - 147 cm)
  • Leather embossing: Western Rose
  • Handmade - every strap is unique
High quality buffalo leather guitar strap. Timeless and durable.
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