Gretsch G6297 Flat Top Bass Case, 34 Inch Scale



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 Gretsch G6297 Flat Top Bass Case, 34 Inch Scale

With the Gretsch G6297 Bass Case you get a rugged and reliable method of transporting your long-scale Gretsch bass guitar from A to B.

Hardshell Case For Your Gretsch Electromatic Bass
This flat top hardshell case has been specially-designed with Gretsch 34" scale Electromatic bass guitars in mind.

Crafted from a multi-laminate wood shell and Durahyde covering, and with a plush interior and accessory compartment, this case is sure to keep your favourite bass guitar safe as you travel from gig to gig.

Gretsch G6297 Bass Case, Flat Top, 34 Inch Scale

  • Highlights
  • Hardshell case
  • Suitable for Gretsch G5440 and G5123 long-scale bass guitars
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 19cm x 9cm
  • Back Material: Basswood
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