Gretsch G2164 Jet Solid Body Gig Bag



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Gretsch G2164 Jet Solid Body Gig Bag

If you have invested in a Gretsch solid body guitar, and you intend to gig with it, then the Gretsch G2164 is the perfect custom gig bag designed for carrying your guitar around town from studio, to gig, to home. The G2164 is a stylish, yet functional solution for protecting and transporting your favorite guitar between gigs and jams. It's extra padded with an outside pocket with a Gretsch badge, so people will know you are carrying the best, and is covered in heavy-duty nylon and canvas. Getting about with your instrument is key to any musician and you need to be mobile with a guitar case that wont slow you down. Designed to fit the Gretsch Streamline range this is a must have to keep your guitar safe.Get your Gretsch to the gig in style and safety with a Gretsch padded gig bag

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