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Comprising eleven of Brian Wampler’s favorite delays, the Metaverse is a full-featured, small-footprint stomp box that is fully programmable, preset capable, has stereo inputs and outputs, allows full MIDI control, and has an expression input that you can assign to ANY of the parameters. But it doesn’t end there - for the first time ever we are offering a complete software version of the pedal via a set of 11 AU and VST3 plugins compatible with most popular DAWs - FREE to all customers that register their Metaverse Warranty online (plugin suite is $49.99 if purchased separately).

Just like the Terraform that came before it, the Metaverse is an advanced, feature-packed pedal that allows you to navigate its settings without endless menus on a tiny display. Use the intuitive user interface or a separate MIDI controller to effortlessly traverse Wampler’s Metaverse of rich, expansive delay tones.

Unique echo sounds times 11
Brian Wampler is one of the most respected boutique pedal builders around, so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about guitar pedals! The Metaverse combines 11 of Brian’s all-time favorite delay tones into a single pedal, including a few tweaked and updated versions of his own creations.

ANLG: Inspired by '80s style analog delay, this setting delivers authentically dark and moody analog repeats.

WET: The Metaverse is loaded with several modulated reverbs, but if you need subtlety, the WET setting will be your go-to. WET is an analog-style delay that boasts smooth, liquid-sounding repeats, with just enough modulation to keep things exciting!

BBD: In the guitar world, few delay sounds are as beloved as the classic bucket brigade-style analog delay. BBD sports a slightly brighter sound than many typical analog delays, and it’s essential for fans of spacey '70s rock tones.

JET: Delay and flange Together This setting adds some classic flange "woosh" to the standard ANLG mode for high-speed movement in your repeats.

DOC: Wampler’s The Doctor delay pedal took echo to bold new lo-fi territories, and this setting combines that sound with the power and adjustability of the Metaverse delay.

FTE: Before there was analog delay, there was tape. The Faux Tape Echo (FTE) features a stunning replication of classic old-school tape echo sounds.

ETH: Another take on a Wampler classic, the ETH setting is based on Brian’s Ethereal delay. ETH is similar to a dual delay setup, but is unique in how it applies the second delay layer, resulting in lush and layered digital delay tones.

DIGI: Clear, clean, and articulate — the perfect digital delay. This mode is Brian’s take on a bog-standard digital delay, but with enhanced clarity and control.

Tape: Can you guess what this one does? This is Wampler’s take on the classic Italian multi-head tape delay sound, giving you richly saturated repeats.

SPC: Self-oscillation and a rich, seasick tone — SPC is a tape-style delay that captures the vintage magic of one of the most legendary tape echo units.

MOD: MOD is a combination of the DIGI setting and a rich flange effect, and it’s ideal for musicians looking to push the limits of traditional delay tones.


Wampler Metaverse Delay Pedal Features:

  • 11 Unique delay styles based on Brian Wampler's all-time favorite echoes
  • Effortlessly adjust, tweak, and control your delay through Wampler’s intuitive user interface
  • Real-time control over any parameter via an expression pedal
  • Tap tempo to easily find your rhythm
  • 8 onboard presets and 128 presets accessible via MIDI to save all of your favorite sounds
  • Full MIDI functionality for enhanced control
  • Both stereo and mono I/O available
  • Slimmed-down pedalboard-friendly enclosure
  • Free plug-in version available after registering your Metaverse
Tech Specs
  • Pedal Type:Delay
  • Analog/Digital:Digital
  • Presets:8 User (128 total via MIDI)
  • Effects:11 x Delay Programs
  • Max Delay Time:2000ms
  • Tap Tempo:Yes
  • Inputs:2 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4"
  • MIDI I/O:2 x 1/8" (in/out)
  • Other I/O:1 x 1/4" (expression)
  • True Bypass:Yes, switchable to Trails Mode
  • Software:Free Plug-in version with registration
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:130mA
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