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  • The Melody is a next-level introduction to what’s possible from a better sounding guitar cable. A meaningful upgrade over traditional designs.
  •  We use our proprietary single solid-core IGL (Increased Grain Linearity) copper conductor for positive, with parallel-run conductors for the ground path, which provide shielding with minimal crosstalk. The negative effects of strand interaction are reduced significantly.
  • These key differences in design allow what comes out of the cable to match what goes into the cable.



  • High-purity IGL copper conductors for distortion-free midrange and high frequencies.
  •  Solid-core center conductor eliminates the negative effects of strand interaction on the audio signal.
  • 20 awg conductor size keeps skin-effect distortions outside the audio spectrum while offering ample cross-sectional area.
  • Parallel-run shield provides 98% coverage with minimal crosstalk.
  • Coaxial geometry with low capacitance for compatibility with a range of RLC possibilities.
  • Carbon-loaded extrusion for protection from triboelectric noise.



Melody comes standard with Neutrik™ straight or angled connectors when ordered for guitar. The connectors use a high-copper-content brass, which has the perfect balance of conductivity and strength, along with a unique chuck system to keep the cable mechanically attached to the cable for life.

The brass contact points have a nickel plating which does a good job of protecting against corrosion.

While gold plating has a higher perceived value than nickel plating, gold offers no conductive advantage and is not worth the additional cost.

The fact that gold plating is done on top of an existing nickel plate to look good only makes the connector sound worse by forcing the signal to transfer through the additional layers and impurities that collect between them.

The connectors are soldered to the Melody using TRT Wonder Solder Signature.




All cables are directional. Drawn copper elicits a grain structure with a chevron shape, clearly visible under a microscope. Each run of Evidence Audio cable is listened to and tested for directionality.

Once directionality is established, a red boot is used on the output side of the cable. Between a guitar and amplifier, connect the red boot to the amplifier.

Break in:

Cables sound best after carrying a signal for approximately 40 hours. This is due to the dielectric forming. As the conductor’s insulation material stores and releases an electric signal, its molecular characteristics stabilize with regard to how they store and release the energy applied by the conductor. Expect any cable to sound its best only after passing a signal for 40 hours. Note that approximately 80% of the change occurs during the first 10 hours a signal is presented to the dielectric. Don’t expect too much after that.

 **For any other length or plug requirements please contact us for a custom quote**

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