Magrabo Holes HC Stone Washed Yellow 8 cm




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Magrabo Holes HC Stone Washed Yellow 8 cm

Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Holes HC Stone Washed Yellow 8 cm
  • High quality genuine leather
  • Certified vegetable tanned leather
  • Washing with stones and rocks, manual cremation and polishing
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Seamless
  • Width 8 cm
  • Adjustable length from 105 to 142 cm
Designed by the Magrabò Style Lab, the Holes HC (Single Cut) Guitar and Bass Straps available in widths of 6 - 8 - 10 cm, are equipped with the classic “slots” adjustment system without buckles and metal parts.
Thanks to the 8 slots and the spacing of the end holes of the tail, they offer excellent adjustment possibilities with steps of 2 cm.
Made of high quality genuine cowhide,with Certified Vegetable Tanning in Tuscany, the Holes HC guitar and bass straps are made from a single piece of leather of adequate thickness, cut and left natural without seams. The Magrabò Holes HC guitar and bass straps are made from a single piece of Genuine Leather Certified by the Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany, without seams.

The line of Magrabò Stone Washed guitar and bass straps was created thinking of the guitars of artisan luthiers, period or vintage ones.
To the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship, common to all Magrabò products, we have added special washing and drying processes that also use stones and rocks, giving the surface of the leather an aged look that is nothing short of wonderful

The color shades obtained are unique and characterize each piece, making it unique even among 100 other pieces of the same line.
The main feature of the "Stone Washed" treatment is the washing with stones, which is carried out on the guitar strap finished, sewn, complete with every element.
This process ensures that all the materials that make up the guitar strap, through washing and drying, are transformed, showing the indelible signs typical of wear and the passage of time .
After drying, the guitar strap is softened through a dry barrel process (drumming) which makes it even softer and more comfortable.
The manual cremation and polishing of each piece, give light and life to the guitar straps Stone Washed making them ideal companions for guitars and guitarists.

Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft, excellent ergonomics and high comfort "on stage" (the strap adapts to the shape of your body naturally).
100% Hand Made in Italy, each leather is handmade with traditional artisan techniques.
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