Magrabo Holes HS Art Print Jungle 8 cm




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Magrabo Holes HS Art Print Jungle 8 cm

Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Holes HS Art Print Jungle 8 cm

  • Designed by Gerardi Raffaele
  • High quality genuine leather
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • High quality digitally printed image e design
  • Light cotton stitching
  • Width 8 cm
  • Adjustable length from 105 to 142 cm
The Print and Art Print guitar and bass series are made in direct color printing, on high quality Made in Italy genuine cowhide leather, with latest generation digital printing technologies.
We use the same fine leathers as the guitar straps, series Holes, maintaining the same convenience, wearability and comfort.

The Art Print series in particular is made using original drawings by artists and designers, paginated on the straps by the staff of the Magrabò Style Lab.

The straps of the HS Print and Arti Print series are composed of two layers of High Quality Genuine Leather coupled and sewn along the perimeter.
Visible side in leather with graphic motif on white leather, digitally printed at high quality.
The lower layer is made of Suede to ensure excellent stability to the instrument and perfect comfort on stage.

Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft, excellent ergonomics and high comfort "on stage" (the guitar strap adapts to the shape of your body naturally).
100% Hand Made in Italy, each guitar strap is handmade with traditional artisan techniques.
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