Magrabo Holes HS Core Dark Brown 6 cm




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Magrabo Holes HS Core Dark Brown 6 cm

Designed by the Magrabò Style Lab, the Holes HS (Sewed) Guitar and Bass Straps are available in 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 cm widths.
They are equipped with the classic “buttonhole” adjustment system without buckles and metal parts.
Thanks to the 8 slots and the spacing of the end holes of the tail, they offer excellent adjustment possibilities with steps of 2 cm.
Made of high quality genuine cowhide, in most cases with Certified Tuscan Vegetable Tanning, the Holes HS guitar straps are made up of two layers of leather coupled, cut and sewn on the perimeter.
The lower layer is made of suede to ensure excellent stability to the instrument and perfect on-stage comfort. Each strap is handmade with traditional artisanal techniques.

The Core finish is made using high quality cowhide with Certified Tuscan Vegetable Tanning. These leathers are tanned with the traditional vegetable method, a process based on the use of natural tannins from trees, new technologies and the slow passage of time. The final result is of a very high quality and aesthetic level, as well as an on stage comfort that you have never experienced before. These straps are extremely soft and comfortable, ensuring the player continuous hours of performance without particular effort and interesting chromatic combinations of the look on stage.

Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft, excellent ergonomics and high comfort "on stage" (the strap adapts to the shape of your body naturally).

100% Hand Made in Italy, each guitar strap is handmade with traditional artisan techniques.

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