Magrabo Stripe SC Cotton Washed Brown 5 cm terminals Twinkle Brown, Recta Brass buckle




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Magrabo Stripe SC Cotton Washed Brown 5 cm terminals Twinkle Brown, Recta Brass buckle

Guitar and Bass Strap Stripe SC cotton Washed Dark Brown 5 cm
  • High quality cotton ribbon made in Italy
  • terminals in genuine leather
  • Certified vegetable tanned leather
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Seamless
  • "Recta" buckle with aged brass finish
  • Width 5 cm
  • Adjustable length from 95 to 160 cm
Designed by the Magrabò Style Lab, the Stripe SC cotton Guitar and Bass Straps also introduce the values of style, quality and wearability that characterize the entire Magrabò production to the ribbon straps. Thanks to the innovative design of the front terminal, the guitar strap becomes an active part in the musician's look allowing effective combinations with all instruments. T
he models have been enhanced using the highest quality materials, combined with original metal accessories, specially designed.

Made with Italian Ribbon in Real Cotton, terminals in Genuine Leather with Vegetable Tanning in Tuscany Certified, Buckles, Rings, Plates and Metal Rivets.
All the design and production are 100% Thinked & Made in Italy ..

Thanks to the buckle with continuous adjustment they can be adapted in length with millimeter precision, allowing anyone to find the best positioning of the instrument.
Continuous adjustment range of the guitar strap from 85 cm to 145 cm.

Each guitar strap is handcrafted with traditional craftsmanship techniques.
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