Magrabo Twin Buckle TS Embossed Cocco Pros Brown 7 cm Skull & Roses Silver buckle




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Magrabo Twin Buckle TS Embossed Cocco Pros Brown 7 cm Skull & Roses Silver buckle

Leather Guitar and Bass Strap Twin Buckles TS SPECIAL Embossed Cocco Pros Brown 7 cm
  • High quality genuine leather
  • Certified vegetable tanned leather
  • Visible surface with relief design
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Light cotton stitching
  • "Skull & Roses" Buckles in Aged Silver finish
  • Width 7 cm
  • Adjustable length from from 86 to 162 cm thanks to the 4 standard modular tails
 The exclusive Twin Buckle line is one of our most representative models
The "double buckle" design together with the 7 cm width at the shoulder, are designed to offer the proverbial Magrabò comfort combined with the typical exuberance of the models to buckle.
Thanks to the 2 additional tails (supplied as standard), they have considerable length adjustment possibilities, allowing anyone to find the best set-up, by placing the buckles away from the "support" area in which the weight of the tool.
Made of high quality genuine cowhide leather, in most cases with Certified Vegetable Tanning in Tuscany, the Twin Buckle straps guarantee excellent stability to the instrument and perfect on-stage comfort.

Embossed finishes are made of high quality genuine cowhide leather, tanned in Italy, which is processed with advanced finishing techniques or in bas-relief printing, giving the leather a perfect aesthetic to match many types of guitars and basses.
The final result is of a very high quality and aesthetic level, accompanied by a surprising comfort on stage.
The models marked with the open hand symbol are made with Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany. 
Italian Design, clean and original style, light, soft, excellent ergonomics and high comfort "On Stage" (the guitar strap adapts to the shape of your body naturally).

100% Hand Made in Italy, each leather is handmade with traditional artisan techniques.
Possibility to customize the guitar straps by mixing buckles, leather colors and stitching
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