SKB iSeries Waterproof Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case



แบรนด์ : SKB



Custom plush interior
Ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin
UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant (MIL-STD-810F)
Complete gasket seal makes these cases absolutely watertight (MIL-STD-C-4150J)
Automatic ambient pressure equalization value (MIL-STD-648C & IP67)
Resistant to corrosion and impact damage
Molded-in hinges
Patented”trigger release” TSA Locking Latch system
Reinforced locking loops for customer supplied locks
Rubber over-molded cushion grip carrying handle and handles on both sides
Convenient quiet-glide wheels


Interior Length                     44.50 in 113.03 cm
Exterior Length                    49.66 in 126.14 cm
Exterior Width                      21.51 in 54.64 cm
Exterior Depth                      8.87 in 22.53 cm
Instrument Body Length    21.50 in 54.61 cm
Instrument Body Depth      5.75 in 14.61 cm
Instrument Lower Bout       17.25 in 43.82 cm
Instrument Upper Bout       12.50 in 31.75 cm
Carton Length                       50.50 in 128.27 cm
Carton Width                         22.00 in 55.88 cm
Carton Depth                         9.50 in 24.13 cm
Shipping Weight                    31.49 lb 14.28 kg
Product Weight                     28.17 lb 12.78 kg

Both pockets measure 20.5″L x 4.125″ to 5.5″ W x 5″ D.

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