SKB Universal Shaped Electric Bass Soft Case




แบรนด์ : SKB


The 1SKB-SCFB4 fits universal shaped electric basses and offers the superior protection of the very same rigid foam inserts found in our hardshell guitar case line, but with the style and portability of a soft gig bag at an affordable price.

SKB Soft Guitar Cases feature a rugged, weather resistant 600 Denier ballistic nylon exterior with a hard-core EPS foam interior to provide more substantial protection than a conventional gig bag.

The exteriors feature two zippered pouches, one with numerous internal compartments for organized accessory storage, and an adjustable padded backpack strap for easy transport. The hard foam interiors are plush-lined and offer full neck support to cradle the guitar neck more securely than a conventional bag.

With an affordable price, a lighter construction and enhanced portability with the padded back pack straps, these cases offer the ultimate in SKB protection for the guitarist on the go", stated Steph Maffei, SKB Product Manager.

Heavy duty double pull zipper
Molded EPS interior with plush lining
Durable 600 Denier exterior layered with rigid foam
Convenient exterior accessory pouch
Carrying handle and padded backpack straps


Interior Length                  
46.50 in 118.11 cm
Exterior Length                 49.00 in 124.46 cm
Exterior Width                    15.50 in 39.37 cm
Exterior Depth                    6.75 in 17.15 cm
Instrument Body Length 17.00 in 43.18 cm
Instrument Body Depth   2.75 in 6.99 cm
Instrument Lower Bout   14.00 in 35.56 cm
Instrument Upper Bout   11.00 in 27.94 cm
Carton Length                   52.50 in 133.35 cm
Carton Width                     25.00 in 63.50 cm
Carton Depth                    15.00 in 38.10 cm
Shipping Weight               31.83 lb 14.44 kg
Product Weight                6.39 lb 2.90 kg

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