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Beppu (Beppu-shi) is the Japanese city of hot springs, of hell in the world of men, a place with types of baths that you will not find anywhere in the world, has the peculiarity of having the largest number of "onsen" (steams emanating from the earth) of all Japan, in addition to the largest volume of hot water in the world. We wanted to dedicate a guitar strap and we found a spectacular colored fabric with that characteristic Japanese air, a guitar strap with black background and embroidered with plant motifs, a beautiful guitar strap that suits even the ugliest guitar, if anyone considers his guitar ugly ;) Well, and if so, with this guitar strap the guitar will be much more elegant.

The Beppu guitar strap model was presented at the 2018 NAMM show in Los Angeles and for its characteristics of lightness, comfort and super attractive look has been a success from the beginning, this strap has been improved, providing it with a light padding that makes it more comfortable than the previous version, an improved strap success, that's why we now call it Beppu II. 

  • Width: 2,3 ''
  • Color: Yellow, Blue, Glitter, Gold, Orange, Black, Taupe, Teal, Burgundy, Green
  • Instrument: Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass guitar, Electric guitar
  • Material: No leather
  • Minimum Size: 37,4 ''
  • Adjustable to: 59 ''

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