Klotz D9V DC Extension




แบรนด์ : Klotz


As all guitarists know, pedal boards gobble up batteries. Mains-powered models are a far better solution. But the number of power packs increases in step with the number of effect pedals on the board – and so does the number of power-strip sockets needed. A suitable power adapter used with the KLOTZ DC9V-3 and DC9V-5 Daisy Chain Cables offer the ideal solution for effect pedals that are all 9-volt and identically poled. The DC9V-3 and DC9V-5 are connector cables for pedal boards with three or five power connections respectively, manufactured to the familiar outstanding KLOTZ quality standards. Designed to save space on boards and power strips, they result in less cable clutter on the stage – and less danger of tripping. In line with the old adage that “less is more” (and safer too!).
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