Mono M80 Classic FlyBy Ultra Backpack




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Stylish Gear Pack for Music Makers on the Go

MONO's stylish, waterproof FlyBy backpack has been a long-standing Sweetwater favorite, both among our staff and customers who need to brave the elements with their life's work on their backs. Now, the MONO FlyBy series has even more to offer in the FlyBy Ultra. This backpack's rugged 1680D ballistic nylon shell and sleek high-visibility design make flying and trekking with your gear safer and easier than ever. Inside, you'll find room for all your gigging essentials: controllers, interfaces, headphones, cables, and more; plus, there's a modular laptop bag/day pack that detaches for quick access. Outside, a military-grade Hypalon sole protects your gear from any rough and soggy surfaces you're likely to encounter. Additional features we like in the MONO FlyBy Ultra are the weight-supporting padded body straps, gear-cradling plush interior lining, and new luggage tow handle pass-through. This latter feature makes stacking checked and carried-on luggage for quick trips through the terminal a much more manageable operation. While we can heartily recommend either of the FlyBy backpacks for producers, DJs, and other music makers on the move, you'll find even more reason to take your act on the road with in the MONO FlyBy Ultra.


Created for creators on the move

Carry your equipment and laptop in style with the MONO FlyBy Ultra backpack. This watertight backpack provides plenty of space for your gear and accessories. The FlyBy Ultra's main compartment is easily large enough for most contemporary DJ controllers, and it comes with a built-in 17-inch laptop pack. Extra pouches hold all of your cables and extra gear; thick padding keeps everything inside safe; and a series of straps make getting around with the MONO FlyBy Ultra backpack totally painless.


MONO FlyBy Ultra Backpack Features:

A stylish gear backpack for music making on the go
Rugged 1680D ballistic nylon shell
Sleek high-visibility design
Large main compartment houses DJ controllers and mixers
Built-in 17-inch laptop pack keeps your computer firmly in place
Store your essential accessories in multiple outer pockets
Ample padding provides serious protection for all your gear
Waterproof exterior shrugs off even the heaviest downpours
Strategically placed padded straps let you carry your pack in absolute comfort

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