Aguilar DCB-4PJ Dual Ceramic PJ-Bass



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Aguilar DCB-4PJ Dual Ceramic PJ-Bass Passive Pickups with Increased Output The DCB-4PJ Dual Ceramic P/J-Bass Pickup Set provides a new take on P/J-style tones. These pickups utilize a passive design with Aguilar's Dual Ceramic Bar (DCB) technology to mimic an active pickup system's output level. So, what does that mean for the player You can expect colossal bass tone without losing the feel and response of the passive pickups you know and love. You'll also notice that these pickups sustain longer and have a more comprehensive dynamic response


World-famous bass players choose Aguilar pickups and amplifiers
Aguilar Amplification's pickups, preamps, amplifiers, and cabinets are created by bass players for bass players. Whether you're playing out live or recording in the studio, Aguilar Amplification products are designed to give you the best experience possible. World-famous bassists like John Patitucci (Chick Corea), Adam Clayton (U2), and Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) have discovered the tone, power, and reliability of Aguilar products — call Sweetwater today to find out for yourself


Aguilar DCB-4PJ Dual Ceramic P/J-Bass Pickup Set Features:
  • 4-string P/J-Bass-style pickups
  • Customized winding delivers full-bodied tone
  • Dual Ceramic Bar design creates extra output without affecting tone
  • Wide dynamic response flatters every playing style

Tech Specs
  • Type:J Style, P Style
  • Magnet Material:Ceramic
  • Number of Strings:4
  • Position:Middle, Bridge
  • Manufacturer Part Number:510-152

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