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Aguilar DCB Pickup D1 Size The DCB pickups use dual ceramic bar magnets that provide a dynamic and responsive attack that works for all playing styles. These pickups have well-developed overtones and singing sustain in the body and decay of the notes. The uniform magnetic field of a bar magnet allows each note to have accurate dynamic response and more harmonic content; no information is lost as the string moves back and forth. Our proprietary design takes these benefits to a new level that will bring out the best qualities in any

Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire
Magnets: Dual Ceramic Magnet
Leads: Single conductor, Heat resistant Teflon® coated

Available Sizes:

D1 1.25″ W X 3.95″ L (32mm X 100mm)
Replacement for Bartolini® BC

D2 1.25″ W X 4.25″ L (32mm X 108mm)
Replacement for Bartolini® P2

D4 1.25″ W X 4.65″ L (32mm X 118mm)
Replacement for Bartolini® P4
G3 1.5″ W X 3.5″ L (38mm X 89mm)
Replacement for EMG® 35

G4 1.5″ W X 4.0″ L (38mm X 102mm)
Replacement for EMG® 40

G5 1.5″ W X 4.5″ L (38mm X 114mm)
Replacement for EMG® 45

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