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Slap Echo


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This little thing requires a bit more explanation as to how it came about.


The Slap Echo was inspired by the long since retired, EHX SlapBack Echo.  Like the original, it simply allows you to dial in the right mix of a slap back echo to make your tone sound absolutely huge in all the right ways.   Simple and oh so effective.


While the original required 18v to power it, this analog voiced circuit allows you to run on just 9v with an internally beefed up, bipolar power supply that still gives you plenty of headroom for anything you feed into it. 


It also takes things one step further with the toggle switches.  You now have control over the output volume, as well as the echo time.  Use the Boost toggle to turn it into the perfect solo boost for incredible sounding leads.  Use the Time toggle to switch from a stock 40ms to 150ms* echo (*customizable).  Even if you keep the blend all the way down you are still left with a killer preamp pedal that adds a bit of sparkle to your tone and makes sure clarity is maintained through your signal chain. 




Awesome mini Gorva enclosure
Incredible powder coat from Obscura MFG.
Soft switching
Built in bipolar power supply to give extra headroom to handle even very large signals
Toggle switches to control both boost and time
Blend knob with center detent
Internal controls to help customize your own sound

Meant to be run at 9 volts and only 9 volts.  Ideally with a quality, isolated power supply.


-  Dimensions: 100mm [3.94"] x 45mm [1.77"] x 35 mm [1.38"] (63mm w/ footswitch)

- Standard 2.1mm Boss style power jack, negative tip

- 9 volt DC operation only

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Online Manual

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